Hypnotherapy & Coaching

for better Mental Health and Well-Being


My name is Magda and welcome to my website. 

I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. I help people get freedom from their issues and limiting beliefs, which hold them back for years and prevent them from living the life they desire.

My Motto

“Change your thinking, change your life”

magda kupczak

“You deserve to feel truly-you and be happy!

Your life is a gift and it is too short to be stuck in the past or be limited by negative believes.

It is better to settle accounts with your past and learn from it, live in the present (enjoy it!), and approach your future with calmness, confidence and excitement”

Magdalena Kupczak

Have you ever … 


Thought about why you cannot connect with people? Even when being with and talking to them, you felt different, alienated, worse or not good enough?

Wondered, why do some people make public speaking look so easy while for you, just thinking about it makes you start to panic, your heart beats faster, hands sweat, voice shakes and your mind goes blank, so you hide at the back of the room and pretend you are not there?

Looked in the mirror and couldn’t stand your own reflection, because you felt ugly, fat and a disappointment as no matter what diet you go on, it never works? So, find yourself confiding in sugary foods, binging on salty snacks and putting on weight?

Found yourself reaching for alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to ‘feel better’, ‘relaxed’, ‘connected’, or even to forget?

Wondered, why are you always attracted to “the wrong people” and cannot build a nice, friendly and loving relationship?

Thought, that some things are never available for you? Do you always worry about not having money and struggle to save or save excessively, “just in case”?

Put off doing work, lacked motivation to complete an assignment or task? Used every excuse in the book, why you can’t get something done?

Felt unhappy, depressed or emotionally numb, lacking motivation and wondering how other people are able to go about their lives happily while you struggle to get out of bed?

I know, that there are more questions to ask, however if at least one of the statements above resonates with you or you have asked yourself similar questions

  • Imagine, how much your life would change if you solved just one of your issues?
  • What kind of impact would it have on you, your family or on your career?
  • What could you do if you just overcame these challenges?
  • How great would it feel being confident, feeling connected and loved, feeling happy and calm, always motivated and in control of your body and life?

If that’s not where you are right now, but somewhere you would like to be, you must agree, action has to be taken as change does not happen by itself.

Give yourself a chance. Change starts from yourself.

On my page you can find out what you can achieve with my help and how I can support you


How You Can Benefit from Working with Me


  • discover your truly-you and your life purpose
  • learn how to use the power and capabilities of your brain to your own advantage
  • free yourself from the unhealthy ‘inner critic’, self-sabotaging thoughts, habits and behaviours
  • increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-believe
  • improve your relationship with other people, with food and with your body
  • free yourself from anxiety, stress, fears and phobias
  • free yourself from depression, addictions or other uncontrolled, compulsive behaviours
  • improve your memory and focus
  • remove blockages around money
  • raise your performance in school, exams, sport or business

Things you can get rid of:

  • sleepless night
  • pain and psychosomatic aliment
  • excessive weight & size without overwhelming restrictions
  • and more

Check on my website what else is RTT & hypnosis good for or contact me.

Empower yourself. Invest in yourself.


RTT Session

  • discovery call
  • relaxing recording to listen before session,
  • RTT session (up to 2h),
  • transformation recording for 21 days,
  • 4 follow ups (on day 2, 7,14, 21)
  • *Packages: 30-days/60-days/90-days transformation


  • 1:1 up to 2h session



Magda is really friendly and highly professional and after speaking to her about my issues around confidence, I knew that she was exactly the right person to help me. I had been feeling worried and extremely under confident about stepping into a new career but Magda quickly uncovered the root cause and the reason behind what was really holding me back.  It was really fascinating to find out how and when I had picked up all these negative thoughts and feelings and to learn just how they were impacting me.  Magda was so kind and caring throughout the whole session, I felt really looked after.  Since then, I have felt so much happier and more confident about myself and excited about the future, I really do feel more positive about everything!  I am so delighted with my incredible results and literally feel like a different person!  Thank you Magda for everything!!

Emma W.

age 50, SW London UK


When I first sought help and decided to try out RTT hypnotherapy, I was struggling with depression. I spent 5 years battling with reoccurring episodes that got harder to get out of each time. I was sceptical about whether hypnosis could actually work as I didn’t believe I could be hypnotised, however this was my last option before going on anti-depressants. So, I decided to stay open-minded and give it a go anyways. One session was enough to allow me to overcome my depression. During the session, I came to various realisations as to why I was reacting to situations in a certain way and what the purpose of my depression was. And although it took me a while to see changes in my behaviour, I was able to establish new, healthier coping mechanisms, also  making me feel confident and secure in the knowing that I won’t ever have to go through another episode again. Hypnosis has changed my life and I am so happy I had a go.

Anna K.

age 20, Derby UK


Before I came to Magda, I had been struggling with my problems for about three years. I didn’t feel comfortable in my body, I weighed too much, I didn’t accept myself in makeup, let alone without, and I was bullied in classrooms and schools. I was constantly concerned about this situation, I was angry and it was difficult for me to talk to new people because I was afraid they would hate me too. The last weeks before the session, I preferred to lie in my room, avoided people and rarely met my friends. Total lack of energy and motivation. Now I can see very clearly how much I’ve changed after one session. I was really surprised that it all worked because before the session I didn’t believe what could happen. I decided to undergo hypnosis because my mother and Magda convinced me to try it. I didn’t want to go to a typical psychologist and tell him about myself. What I liked the most about this method was the process of hypnosis itself, being able to say everything I had on my chest and relaxing while listening to the recordings. I was shocked when I woke up in the morning the next day and I had almost no pimples on my face! My complexion improved right away. I started to accept myself more, I don’t see so many flaws in myself, when someone gives me a compliment – I take it, my skin has fewer and fewer imperfections, I can even take a picture of myself without makeup, and most importantly my weight has decreased by 6 kg, which means I feel much better. Energy and motivation also returned. I recommend Magda, I recommend hypnosis because I know it will help.

Kasia M.

age 15, Poznań PL